About us

ShipsKart is a supply chain e-commerce solution for the Maritime and Offshore domain. As our Logo says, “Clicked at Sea ~ Delivered at Shore”, ShipsKart is an online market place, where vessels, vessel owners/managers, ports, shipyards can purchase marine products, consumables, equipments and service products required for the uninterrupted and efficient operations.... ShipsKart aims to revolutionise the currently fragmented and inefficient procurement and supply chain in the maritime and offshore domain, leading to a sea-change in the speed, timelines, efficiency and quality of procurement process. Founded by Seafarers, ShipsKart has developed the 1st App in the multi billion dollar maritime industry for the procurement of marine products. It brings together all the three stake holders, The Ship, the Company, and the Vendor, on the same platform. ShipsKart has been developed using fit-for-purpose, adaptive technology. The only technology which is being used at present seems to be ERP software which is expensive, legacy-bound, antiquated and limited. Use ShipsKart’s plug and play application and experience the hassle free procurement experience.

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Our Vision and Mission

ShipsKart’s vision is to revolutionize purchasing in the shipping industry by embracing progressive technology, ensuring seamless and smooth operations to keep up with the fast paced industry & to reach unparalleled heights by sticking to its core values of transparency, efficiency & quality.

Our mission is to create value for our customers by ensuring excellent delivery matched with good quality and competitive pricing for all goods ordered.

The Team


With 12 years in the maritime industry as a Seafarer, Dhruv’s experience in the field is vital to the growth of the company, having experienced the problems relating to purchasing at the ground level. He looks after the business development of the company.


With over 9 years of Experience in the Financial and legal field, Sunny takes care of all the financial affairs & operations of the company. He is a member of the Bar Council of Delhi and brings to table his vast knowledge and experience in financial matters as well


With 12 years in the Main fleet and Offshore as a Management level officer, Vivek handles day to day operations of the company.

Our Advisory

Venkatraman Sheshashayee Senior Advisor

Former C.E.O of Miclyn Express Offshore, Mr. Sheshashayeee has had over 33 years of experience in manufacturing, shipping and offshore oil & gas services. His knowledge of the offshore oilfield services domain is vast, and his network is diverse and extensive.


A highly respected figure in the Industry. He has four decades of experience in the Marine sector, from sailing as a Chief Engineer to heading some of the biggest offshore companies, his experience is unmatched.


Tarun Gulati is a Maritime specialist with 3 decades of working experience in the Maritime and Ship finance sectors. He has hands on experience ranging from sailing as a Ship Captain, Chartering and Shipping research. He was formerly working as Senior Vice President at DVB Bank and is presently the CEO and Co Founder of eshipfinance.com